Group Travel

To obtain the benefits of group travel a group must consist of a minimum of ten members and can apply to airline bookings only, some cruise or package holiday. These benefits are:

Airline tickets:
When booking the lowest fare individually immediate payment is often required. With a group booking usually only a deposit is required with the balance later. With groups of twenty or more, many airlines often will provide a free ticket.

River Cruises:
Again River Cruises define a group as ten or more persons and the group benefits include:

  • Eleventh person free
  • Discounts of 10%, and sometimes more
  • On board credit
Package Tours:
Discounts are usually offered which vary according to the group size. Discounts for large groups can sometimes even include a free airfare or hotel room/s.

Design your own tour:
Elan Travel has organized many group tours to exotic destinations, some have been for private groups such as a group of Masons to India and Nepal and a group of retirees on a European river cruise. What can be better than travelling on a trip you designed yourself with a group of friends or relatives. And you, as the organizer could travel for free! This free place could consist of airfare, accommodation and some expenses.

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